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When entering the factory, we thoroughly perform air showers, , hand washing, and alcohol disinfection in preparation for foreign matter contamination. We check and record the physical condition of workers every day so that we do not bring E. coli into the work room. Although there are a large number of dry food products, we manage them under the guidance of the public health center to prevent accidents.

Food safety and security Conduct in-house microbiological testing. OEM products We manufacture contracted PB products such as seasoned seaweed. In addition, we also have rice ball sheets and products with seaweed and seasoned sesame. We are also putting effort into training and raising the awareness of our employees so that they can respond to customer requests. Product development with originality: Shape unique products A company that manufactures various seaweed products, including seaweed and seasoned seaweed, and often handles outsourced processing and OEM products. We also manufacture products such as seaweed and seasoned sesame, and triangular rice ball sheets.

We are trying to make it possible for consultations such as "Can you produce such a product?"

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Roasted seaweed with green tea taste

Roasted seaweed with truffle taste

Seasoned seaweed flakes

Seasoned Seaweed Flakes is called Kimjaban in Korean.
To make Kimjaban, Yangban roasts its high-quality seaweed at a high temperature (300°C).
The roasted flakes are set aside to dry-out for 24 hours. The following day, they are roasted a second time - producing extra crispy, brittle flakes

Address : # Room 2012, 10 Buljeong-ro 386beongil, Bungdang-gu, Sungnamsi, Gyeonggi-Do Korea
Whatapp : 82 10 8705 2548 | E-mail :

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