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The story about the Emperor, Qin Shi Huang who unified China for the first time sent his people to Korea to seek Elixir plant to Korea before B.C. 200 is very well known. Almost same age, popular Hippocrates quote,  “Let food be thy medicine and” the 2nd part and more profound “ In Modern times, Nestle will plow some $500 million into expanding its medical nutrition business over the next decade.

And Our company also focusing on Combining this ancient plant knowledge with cutting – edge health and wellness technology, we deliver to you superfoods to support you on your healing journey.

Abalone porridge

The main components of yam include general components such as starch, protein, and lipids, and mucin qualities, which are unique to yams, including minerals such as saponin, tannin, polyphenol, and vitamins (Na, K, Fe, Zn, etc.). There are records that abalone is called cheonni-gwang in the main Choganggangmok, and it is used as a high-grade material for the banquet of the royal court.

Abalone is a high-quality seafood and has been used as a valuable ingredient in Korea since ancient times. Abalone grows as a prey for seaweed, Rich in minerals such as calcium and phosphorus, vitamin B1, and protein It is especially rich in taurine. A solid meal of busy modern people, breakfast substitute abalone porridge, As a snack porridge for children of the growing season Easy snack porridge ~

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